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Introducing the Canopy Insurance Referral Rewards program!

 We recognize referrals by sending a personalized rewards card that can be used anywhere in the United States and can be refilled for up to 18 months! **
The more you refer, the more you earn!  Use your rewards dollars as you see fit!


 Current Clients earn an
additional $10
per qualified referral!

Step One

Submit a referral through our tracking system to ensure that you get proper credit

Download our Smart Phone app for iPhone or Android (Coming soon!)


Click the following image to enter your referral online

Step Two

Help us gather your referral's information!

 The quicker we provide the quote, the faster your card gets loaded!  Encourage your referral to provide us with complete information for the product of interest.  Click the following link for specific quote forms to help us collect the information we need!  
If it is not on the list, ask us!

Get a Quote
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Step Three

Like us on Facebook!  

We will have special contests,  requests to meet area business owners and referral partners.  Your participation will earn additional rewards!

  Mention our agency to your friends... 
(we just may notice!)  
Support your favorite charity!
Ask us how you can earn money for a charity by having the members refer!


Help us keep this program alive!

Referral Rewards are not dependent on a purchase being made, however, please make sure to send quality referrals so that this program remains viable and benefits everyone!  There are important questions you should ask a potential referral, as well as some situations that you should avoid.  We will make every attempt to honor the referral fee, however if the individual is simply not a fit for any of our companies, we reserve the right to disqualify the referral.  In certain circumstances, rather than disqualifying the referral completely, we may provide a reduced referral fee. 

Here are some questions to ask your potential referral: 

Are you having problems obtaining insurance, or have you been canceled by your company?  (You may discover one of the ineligible situations listed below, but in limited cases, we may still be able to help)

 Are you aware of any claims that you currently have open or are any lawsuits pending?  (If so, the person simply may not be able to or SHOULDN'T change companies at this time)

 If Canopy can offer an appropriate product at a price that suits your needs, is there any reason that you would be unable to accept their offer?  (You may find that their insurance agent is a family member and they would not change under any circumstance)

 Are you the decision maker?

 Do you own what you are trying to insure, or have a contract that requires you to insure it?

Can I refer myself for a line of business that we do not currently cover?
Canopy Insurance will allow a one time self referral reward

What is a qualified referral?
A person who resides in Virginia, or has a business domiciled in Virginia
A referral must provide complete information and be open to considering what we have to offer
No prior convictions of insurance fraud 
No known ineligible situations for the line of business being referred

Ineligible to be considered for Auto Insurance
Revoked (ineligible to reinstate in the immediate future) drivers licenses in the household.  We CAN help with SR22s and FR44s to help a person get their license reinstated.
High frequency of claims, citations and accidents could affect eligibility
Open claims could affect eligibility

Ineligible to be considered for Homeowners Insurance
Ownership of a Pitt Bull or Pitt Bull mix  (we unfortunately do not have a company who would cover such a property at this time)
Lack of a standard heat source (heating with wood stove only)
Home in general disrepair
Vacation or secondary homes if we are unable to consider the primary home
Home with an unusual liability exposure-  unfenced pool, zip line, skate board ramp are a few examples
Homes in course of construction have very specific rules- please consult Canopy prior to expecting a referral fee
Homes with knob and tube wiring or other updates that have not been completed
High frequency or open claims could affect eligibility

Possibly Ineligible to be considered for Life Insurance
Certain health challenges may make it impossible for us to provide a quote.


**Canopy Insurance reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this program without prior notice

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