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How To Evaluate Your Health Insurance Options under Obamacare

Your first consideration when choosing a health care plan under the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare" is to determine whether or not you qualify for subsidy.  In addition to receiving assistance to lower your actual premiums, you may also qualify for lower expenses through reduced deductibles or out-of-pocket amounts.  Your eligibility is dependent on your household income and number of dependents.  The 2015 subsidy chart is a useful tool to help you determine if you may qualify.

In order for you to take advantage of a subsidy, you must purchase a plan that is "On Exchange".  There are three levels of plans that may be available in your zip code; Bronze, Silver and Gold, also known as the "metal" plans.  Bronze will have the lowest premiums, however these plans will also have higher deductibles and more out of pocket cost to you.

Plans that are "On Exchange" may be more restrictive and may have fewer participating physicians, hospitals, facilities, and choices of underwriting health care companies. 

"Off Exchange" plans have the same minimum benefits as "On Exchange" plans, but often have additional benefits, more choices of physicians and facilities, and health care companies.  The benefit structures mirror the "metal" plans.

Other questions you need to consider

Does your doctor accept the health plan you are considering?
Does the hospital your doctor refers to participate with this particular company's health care plan?
Are you currently on medication?  Some plans provide more extensive coverage.
Do you have a need for vision, dental or supplemental plans?  These plans are often offered at a low monthly cost and can help offset the higher deductibles that many people choose to keep health care premiums within their budget.

Let us help you evaluate your health insurance options!  Easy access to rates from plans being offered in your zip code, supplemental product offerings that can help fill in the gaps left by high deductibles and coinsurance levels.  A one stop shop for all your health care needs!  Speak with one of of our partner consultants who can assist with the available choices throughout the United States!  

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